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BAKALÒ Mykonos is an act of love towards Greece.

A tribute to its lifestyle, aesthetic and culinary traditions.
A celebration of passion, love, fun and freedom always associated with Mykonos,
the cosmopolitan Greek island queen of the Aegean Sea.

Located in the South Beach neighborhood of Miami on the West Avenue block, BAKALÒ Mykonos is not just a restaurant, but a cultural bridge connecting two cosmopolitan beachside destinations with a shared passion for history, architecture, authentic flavors and most importantly joy of life.

Close your eyes and think
of all the flavors, aromas and images
that accompany the traditional Greek recipes
you have heard so much about…
Open your eyes and find yourself
in BAKALÒ Mykonos waiting to serve you…

The key element of our menu is the “Mediterranean diet” through the extensive use of olive oil, organic ingredients, best sourced fresh products preferably from small producers, as much as possible directly imported from Greece and the Mediterranean.



Tuesday – Thursday
5pm – 10pm

12pm – 10pm

12pm – 10pm

12pm – 10pm

Monday – Closed

Parking is available for customers at a discounted rate in the adjacent garage. The entrance to the garage is off of 10th Street.
Customers will receive a discounted rate of $6.00 for two hours. Validate inside BAKALO to receive your discount

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